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Lice Removal Simply

Prompt, Discreet, Head Lice Treatment In The Privacy Of Your Own Home

Servicing Sarasota County

About Me

Alana Larsen


Alana is a Licensed Cosmetologist.  She owned and operated “Alana’s Salon" in Fair Haven NJ for over 30 years.


After coming to Florida and working for a large national lice removal company, Alana saw that their methods were very old fashion.   That’s when she decided to start her own  mobile lice treatment company, “Lice Removal Simply”. A local company that puts families at ease in their time of distress.


The Method

How It Works



-After combing through the hair with our proprietary non-toxic, pesticide free, safe lice solution, the client sits with the product on for only 10 minutes. 

-Then a Professional Micro Grooved Lice Comb is  used and we remove the nits and lice.

-Hair is shampooed, dried  and examined.

-On day 6 and day 13 this procedure is repeated by the client. 

-That's all there is to it, lice are eradicated!-

How We Work

Sleeping with the solution is not necessary

We leave you with an easy follow-up plan that requires only 2 more treatments!


All this is done with only ONE VISIT from us!


We will also educate you about lice and leave you with literature to refer to


We guarantee 100% success when our instructions are followed




First Hour:                           $175.(One Hour Minimum)

Each Additional Hour:     $110.00

$50.00 OFF  SPECIAL/ Cannot be combined.  Expires :  6/15/2023

Appointments are Prorated in 15 Minutes Increments after the first hour.

$30 Surcharge for Sundays.


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