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Why Did You Get Lice?

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Many people feel ashamed that they got lice. They are afraid to tell their friends and even family who are not living with them. I understand. Unfortunately our society has negative connotations associated with lice.

Here's the truth. Only the nicest people get lice. What? What does being nice have to do with lice? Well, it's because lice do not fly or jump. They crawl from one head to another. So usually people who get lice are "huggers", giving lice the perfect opportunity to crawl from one head to another.

So now what do you do? Get treated as soon as possible. Lice multiply quickly. One louse can lay 6 to 10 eggs a day! This is why it's important to stop the lice cycle as soon as possible.

In this traumatic time it's so important to call someone that you can trust to make the treatment of lice removal effective and fast and to educate you so that you will never need them again. I hope that you will trust me, a local business that lives in your community. You'll see a difference.

Call with any questions you may have: 941-541-4422. I am here for you.

Do you know what lice look like? Most people do not. Here are a some photos to help you out.

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